About Us


We can work together with your M.D., D.O., physical therapist or chiropractor, taking the best from both Eastern and Western medicine to provide you with the most positive outcome:

Chronic disease management such as Crohn’s Disease, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, among many others

Pain management in all of its forms including headaches; muscle, joint or soft tissue injury; back pain due to strain, injury, or herniated or ruptured disc

Respiratory disorder management including allergies, asthma and chronic rhinitis and sinusitis

Womens’ health concerns related to the menstrual cycle (PMS, pain, cramping, emotions); menopause (hot flashes, night sweats, dryness, emotions, insomnia); and fertility, from regulating your cycle to working with you and your fertility specialist to aid in fertility treatment

Chemotherapy side effect management – By reviewing your list of chemotherapy drugs for anticipated side effects prior to infusion, we can apply acupuncture specifically to reduce the severity of these side effects and reduce the incidence of neuropathy, nausea, fatigue, pain and anxiety.


New Patients

Contact us at (989) 496-7472 to set up your initial consultation. Once your appointment is set, we will mail you an information packet that includes forms to be completed at home and brought with you on your first appointment.

Your initial visit will consist of a thorough interview and evaluation, and will last about one hour. This will help to identify the sources of your symptoms and provide a basis of treatment. All treatments are individualized, and the frequency and duration of the treatment schedule will be dependent upon your needs. Treatments are approximately one hour in length.

Please be sure to contact your primary care physician prior to coming in for your first acupuncture treatment. There may be a medical reason that would contraindicate this form of treatment.


Visits are by appointment only. Please contact us for more information or to request an appointment:
Phone: (989) 496-7472
Email: familywellness@fwc1.net

Payment is expected at the time of service and you are responsible for paying for the services you receive. We accept cash, checks, and Visa, Discover and Mastercard. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed receipt for your records.

Currently our service fees are not covered by most insurance companies; however acupuncture treatment is considered a qualifying medical expense under Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Saving Account (HSA) plans. Please contact your health insurance company for details.

Please remember that your appointment time is reserved for you; please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel.

  • Missed Appointment Charge – $25
  • Returned Check Fee – $40